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Kalahari Reds

Kalahari Reds Production Auction

Albie Horn - Goat Breeder

The Kalahari Red Stud of Albie Horn is renown for high quality stock and this upcoming Kalahari Red auction should be marked on your calendar.

The Kalahari Reds Stud is one of few registered studs in the South African Studbook, an Internationally recognized association. Stud information is available on request. The stud is one of the biggest in the world with 300 ewes. Complete records have been kept for the last 4 generations.

This is just a few reasons why you should not miss this goat auction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the auction or our stud.

Kalahari Reds SA Nasional Champ 2012



Albie Horn1 - 900
Albie Horn2 900




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